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We lighten your step, powering your curiosity to go your own way.


“Live Light is our mantra. It is a mindset. We thoughtfully create lightweight bags with quality materials that make it possible for you to go explore and discover new places. Our mantra supports a positive outlook on life. It is about being true to yourself. It is living an organized and lighter life both mentally and physically, where less is more. It’s about looking on the bright side, seeing the glass half full, and radiating optimism."


Founded in 1987 in a small flat in Antwerp, Belgium. Kipling’s name was inspired by Rudyard Kipling, the author of The jungle Book. The original designers wanted a name that could be easy to pronounce.


Today Kipling’s well-known bags and accessories are available around the world in 436 stores in 80 countries.

The iconic crinkled nylon bags can be found in more than 7500 shops including the best department stores and

Behind the brand

Founded in 1987 by three European entrepreneurs, keen enthusiasts who decided to make their entrance into the fashion world with a trendy yet affordable collection of bags made of our signature crinkled nylon material. Kipling combines quality, function and style to create the ideal accessory that enables you to express your true self, discover the unknown, power your curiosity, experience new places and live a lighter life. Designing bags that are lightweight, stylish, and above all, functional, is our forte.

Kipling established itself as a global handbag brand by embodying a carefree spirit and pioneering the use of its signature crinkle nylon in expressive colors and patterns. Today, Kipling is sold in more than 80 countries internationally, and is a global leader in selling quality, durable bags designed for everyone.

Kipling’s mission

To live a vibrant and colourful life – go places never been before. Be curious. Dare to live the life we’ve always wanted. That’s our mission. Well, you may say: It’s just bags. Yes, that may be true. But sometimes it’s the simple things that make life easier.

Exploring the world with curiosity

Kipling wants to empower you to go your own way. That’s why the brand injects all its creativity and out-of-the-box thinking into developing thoughtful designs with a casual coolness. Simply put, Kipling designs bags that inspire mobility and lighten your life.

Kipling invites you to LIVE life to the fullest. Bountiful with no restrictions. Enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle. Be curious and explore. Go out and discover the world in all its diversity. Meet exciting new people and visit new places. Make the city your playground that is full of adventures.

Today in Cyprus there are 2 Kipling stores. Kipling Ecom was launched in 2020 to facilitate purchases all around Cyprus. 



in a small flat in Antwerp, Belgium – one of the world’s fashion capitals

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